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Metzgar Conveyors has been a leading manufacturer of conveyor systems since 1933. We started by producing end-wood wheels for industrial trucks and then began production of the Nylo-wheel and Nylo-bearing equipped conveyors and tripled their sales volume. As we grew, we broadened our products to include the most complete line of pallets, packaging equipment, conveyors, and parts handling systems. Our highly trusted company has a reputation for customer satisfaction in economy, versatility, and dependability. Our well-known company designs and manufactures many different conveyor systems including ball transfer units, gravity conveyors, line shaft conveyors, power belt conveyors, belt driven life roller conveyors, sortation systems, conveyor controls, plastic belt conveyors and more. At Metzgar Conveyors, all conveyors are built in standard sizes and are adaptable for most installations. This standardization allows customers to purchase one conveyor section and add on more as their transportation needs increase. The standard sizes also help our engineers produce and sell units at very competitive prices. Metzgar Conveyors can also can design and manufacture panels to control the conveyor systems. Our panels help increase productivity and help contain installation and maintenance costs. Our qualified and knowledgeable sales engineers work with customers to determine the most efficient solution for their material handling needs. All our products are held to high production standards and rigid quality control. We design our products to bring increased efficiency to assembling, shipping, and receiving operations. Please call one of our sales engineers today or visit our website for more information!

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